Ebenezer Scrooge makes a lot of money!  But is he happy? He doesnít have time for such nonsense.  Heís too busy being successful and self-righteous, until his world is rocked!  First by the ghost of his deceased business partner, Marley, who comes complete with The Marlettes, three ghoulishly groovy back-up singers.  Then by CP, a dynamic cosmic-spirit whose galactic assignment is to take Scrooge for a ride on the Discovery Skyway.  He soon finds his perception of everything is forever changed. An exhilarating, 21st century take on the ever-popular holiday classic.  The whole family will love this crowd-pleasing journey through time and space with everybodyís favorite Christmas curmudgeon, Ebenezer Scrooge. A Musical based on Charles Dickensí A Christmas Carol Music by Kirby Shaw                                 Lyrics and Book by Markita Shaw AUDIO PREVIEW SYNOPSIS CAST OF CHARACTERS CHARACTER ANALYSIS 12 PAGES OF SCRIPT ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTATION REVIEWS & RESPONSE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION BIOS VIDEO PREVIEW ___________________________________________  ALSO AVAILABLE  	.DVD - 3 camera, Full Production on 2 DVDs,                  45 minutes each 		Performed November/December 2006 		Oregon Stage Works - Ashland, OR 		Peter Alzado, Artistic Director 	.Director's Cut CD 		Full recordings of the music, including                  scene changes 	.Doubling & Cast by Scenes 	.Set Suggestions   AVAILABLE FOR RENT WITH CONTRACT 	.Scripts  (Bound books with Songs at back) 	.Full Orchestral Instrumental Books 	.Full Orchestral Rehearsal/Performance CD 	.Sound EFX CD (Includes special Sound Effects                                      written into script.)  ___________________________________________  For more information e-mail: Kirby Shaw kirbyshawmusic@gmail.com 541 488-5637   Copyright © 2015 Kirby Shaw MusicóAll Rights Reserved.